Busy hands are happy hands. And achy hands ….


I just realized that February is almost over. Tomorrow is it. Buh-bye, February 2014.

I’ve been so busy, so full of things to do that it barely registered. And I gotta say here: I’m glad. I’ve finally put unemployment behind me—I’m freelance writing and bringing in about the same income that I did right before I was laid off.

I should probably qualify that a little. It is freelance work, which means it could dry up anytime. But I don’t think it will, at least, not right away. And in the meantime I’m racking up experience and a useable portfolio for the day it does dry up.

February. Gone. Amazing. Did I mention how pleased I am? How good it feels to be paid for work well done? And to be so lucky and blessed to be working at what I love. Incredible.

Okay, back to Earth. My poor hands are not so good. Swollen, achy, some days worse than others. The medication change and addition of an NSAID don’t seem to be having much affect, but as we all know, when you’re dealing with RA meds, changes take time.

In the meantime, I’m using my paraffin bath and my cinnamon-scented, microwave-heatable mitts and squeezing a squashy exercise ball in spare moments. Oh, and typing all day. ;)

The next time I post here at RheumaBlog, I’ll be doing so from my new laptop, which I am able to afford because of that stuff I wrote about above. I’m very relieved, because this old one (seven years last month) presented me with a Blue Screen of Death last week. Fortunately, it seems it was only kidding, since here I am. But my previous experience with the B.S. of D. (when the laptop before this one went belly-up) tells me the first B.S. of D. is a warning. The second one is Real.

I should have my new laptop by the middle of next week.

Here’s hoping that everyone is feeling decent and in good spirits. The seasons are changing, whether we want to believe it or not. The Endless Winter is going to end. (Like the Endless Summer here in California, at least for a few days. It’s raining! And it’s supposed to keep raining into early next week! Water from the sky! Whoopeee!!)

My best wishes to all.

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15 responses to “Busy hands are happy hands. And achy hands ….

  1. Congrats, on the new gig ! So happy for you. Best of luck!. Hope your meds kick in soon.

  2. Thank you, Mary! How are you? I hope you’re staying warm. :)

  3. I’m so pleased for you, Wren – that’s great news! Well, not the achey hands and the blue screen of death, obviously, but the rest of it is fab! Can completely relate to both the freelancing the typing all day bits with what I do – the trick is not to panic if it does dry up – it’s amazing how often something better’s just waiting around the corner!

    • Thank you so much, Penguin! This is such a new experience for me–I keep thinking I’ll wake up soon. ;) As for the hands… well, meh. I’ll just muddle on.

  4. Congrats Wren! I am so excited for you. I hate that your hands (and your laptop) are misbehaving but you get a new laptop out of it so there’s always something to celebrate,right? Here’s hoping the new meds kick in sooner than later. <3

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Jules. You always encourage me! Yes, I LOVE that I’ll soon have a new laptop. It’ll be one less worry, particularly now that it’s a business must-have and a tax write-off for next year! :D

  5. Jules! Hi! Thanks for the kind thoughts. And you’re right, there is always something to celebrate, even if there are times when we have to search a while to find it. I’m exited, too! The new laptop promises to be like stepping into the future.
    I hope you’re feeling good, Jules, and that life is giving you gifts. :)

  6. Sending some energy your way to make your hands happy, and not achy :). Enjoy your new laptop – I remember when mine died a few months ago, it was like losing my best friend, I was so attached to it. But I got a new tablet, and have made a new friend :). Stay well. Hugs. :)

    • Oh, yes, I’d be in deeeep kimchee without m’trusty ol’ Mr Data II (my ultra-original name for my laptop). So, he’ll reincarnate as new Mr Data III. :) A tablet will still have to wait a while, since that will be more like a plaything–and I’ve already got my Kindle Fire.
      Sending a hug your way, J. I hope the rain isn’t making the old lady mad.

  7. Having worked freelance for a VERY long time – I think it is fair to say that the first few times it dries up you panic. Eventually though you learn to accept gratefully the quiet periods – because you will swing from so much you don’t know which way to turn to a week with zilch! Then you catch up the evenings and weekends that disappeared into the ether. It teaches you flexibility you didn’t know you had! If only it could pass on that flexibility to the rheumaticks!

    • Ah, thanks for the wise advice, Eileen. I didn’t realize that you were a freelancer! (tho’ I realize “freelancer” encompasses many more professions than writer”) I have to admit that I’m feeling a little giddy just now, and not-quite-believing. I guess it will pass.
      I hope this finds you feeling well, friend. I think you said you were in Italy in a previous comment, and I’m curious: have you had awful weather like so much of the UK, Europe and the US/Canada?

  8. Wren, I am so pleased. I “consulted” (read “freelanced”) for more than 15 years and after four years under the corporate umbrella, I’m at it again. I know that not having outside income has weighed heavily on you and this is terrific news. Not only the $$$, but doing something productive that you enjoy is amazing. Sorry the hands are hurting, but like any muscle that hasn’t been used in a while, those typing muscles will no doubt come up to strength soon. Good luck with the new laptop. (It’s like training a new puppy!)
    Sending smiles and hugs — Carla

    • Thank you, Carla–your words make me feel warmed and hugged. It does feel good to be productive again, and I know how lucky I am to be working at something I love to do in my spare time, too.
      My typing muscles are getting stronger in spite of the whiny joints. My brain is starting to tone up, too. I hadn’t realized how rusty I’d gotten. I’m guessing it’s all sort of like riding a bike. The skill will reappear, but there’s no guarantee that you won’t fall over. ;)
      Sending a warm hug back your way.

  9. Congrats Wren! Freelancing is always a little nerve-wracking, but I just try to live in the moment and enjoy it! (Oh, and of corse squirrel a little away for the slow periods ;) )

  10. Amber, THANKS for the encouragement and the smart advice. I just went and took a look at your blog–and you hooked me right off. Chocolate chunk banana bread! O.M.G.
    I hope you’re not flooded or floating. It’s so good to have this rain, finally, but worrisome when so much comes so suddenly. Sending a warm hug and a mental life ring your way. ;)