Happy Thanksgiving!

May your day be a whole lot better than this cat's.

May your day be a whole lot better than this cat’s.

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6 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving….to all. I just joined this site as I was “clinically” diagnosed with RA on Wednesday. Saw some older posts from last year about the pointer finger with nodes and a picture as well…I’m 43 years old and stunned. I know I’ll be fine. They started me on steroids and B12 shots. I’m to call on Monday and tell them whether or not the steroids are working. So far it’s not and the pain is bearable at times and not at times.
    Oh well…. I have hope still. :-)

  2. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful. And certainly better than that poor cat’s! (Why do people do that to their poor innocent pets?)

  3. I hadn’t looked closely before – the expression in that poor cat’s eyes says “Revenge will be sweet served cold…”

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